Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle

By Jenny Carson

It is important to care for your motorcycle. If you care for it, you will surely enjoy riding it for a long time. You have to maintain the condition of your bike regularly to be certain that you can rely on it anytime you want to go for a ride.

Before you can start taking care of your bike, you have to identify its type. This way, you will be able to understand its needs. There are several types of motorcycles just like there are several types of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. You will not be able to find the right stuff, if you do not know what you are looking for.


If you are very familiar with your bike, you can disintegrate the parts and clean every detail of the machine. However, if you are not comfortable you can just wash the visible areas.

If you own a cruiser, you have to learn the proper way to clean it. This type of bike is the most difficult to clean. The first thing you need is a handful of soft towel. The coatings of your cruiser is soft, thus it needs softer towels. Although it can resist harsh weather conditions, using rough fabrics to clean it will scratch the coatings. You will also need brushes for certain portion of the bike. If you have a lifter for the motorcycle, it will make your job easier.

Before thorough washing, rinse the bike with water to wash the dirt away. After that, removing the remaining dirt will be easier.

Dirt Bikes

If you own this type of bike, it is important that you take note of what you can do to prevent damage on your bike. Instead of rebuilding and replacing some parts, use preventive grease. Use transmission oils and clean your motorcycle regularly. You will save more by investing in these preventive measures.

Since this type of bike takes most of the abuse, you should check it regularly for damage. Repair them right away as well. Clean it every after use. The grips and levers are the most vulnerable to damage. This is why you have to give it preferential attention. Check the tires as well, replace worn tires to prevent accidents caused by unreliable traction.


Many love having this type of motor because of speed. Since this is the case, it is important that the rider ensure the good condition of its motor. He has to change the fluid properly as well. Most importantly, he has to make sure that the tires are always in good shape.

In any bike, it is important to check all key parts even if it is not in use for a while. Make sure that you drain the fuel if you are going to store it for more than a month. Check the batteries especially during the winter.

Looking good does not only rely on your motorcycle accessories. Your Harley Davidson motorcycle boots will not be as attractive if you bike is not clean. It would not feel comfortable as well if you were having a bad day on the road.

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