Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Five Things You Should Wear When Motorcycling

By Jenny Carson

Motorcycling is one of the best ways to get from one point to another. It is fast and hassle-free. One can cruise around without worrying too much about the traffic. They can easily get pass the vehicles and get to where they want to be. However, there are also those who fear motorcycles. This is because of the threats on the road.

Since there are threats on the road, motorcycle riders have to protect themselves. This is what makes the gears very important. If you want to enjoy more rides, you have to be responsible whenever you ride your motorcycle. Here are some of the gears you need to note if ever you plan to ride:


Your boots are no ordinary footwear. As a matter of fact, experienced riders only trust names such the Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. It is important to use good pair of boots because you need a pair of shoes that you can count on when you are riding your big bike. It should be comfortable so that you will not feel tired during the trip. Most importantly, it has to protect your feet if ever you encounter an accident.


You need to have a nice grip on the handles. Although some do not pay much attention to wearing gloves, a pair of this can give you a more comfortable grip. Keep in mind that both of your hands are on the handle for the most of your trip. If you do not have gloves while controlling it, you will surely end up with blisters on your palms. If you do not mind them, do not be surprise to have blisters on your palm.


You are maybe one of the many people who thought that jackets are just fashion statements for bikers but they are not. However, it pays to look for a stylish jacket to go with the big bike. It is a necessary piece when dressing up for a motorcycle trip. This is why you will see many riders wearing jackets even if the sun is up. The gear protects their skin from the heat of the sun. This will also protect their skin from scratches if there is a crash.


Jeans are just regular wear for most, but for riders, these are valuable piece of fabrics. Just like the previous gears, this has to be comfortable so that the rider can move with ease. They need something that will cover their feet entirely to protect it from the environment and again protect their skin from scratches or burns if there is a crash.


This is probably the most important item one needs when he is going to go for a motorcycle ride. This will protect his head and will keep him secure.

You should not be surprise if motorcycle riders invest on their motorcycle gears and outfits. Fashion is the least in their minds. The Harley Davidson motorcycle boots may look good but riders choose them because they know that it can protect their feet and ankle as they ride.

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